Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chocolate Chip | food photography

During our first round of being snowed in, I decided it was time to do some baking. I was split between trying a new cookie recipe and making bagels from a recipe I had used once before (an excellent one, by the way) . The cookies won out, due to the instant gratification; I didn't have much patience due to my cabin fever. I went to one of my favorite blogs, Smitten Kitchen and found the "favorite chocolate chip cookies". For a twist, and because I have a thing for peanut butter (natural only, please), I threw in a spoonful for a nutty note. I was really pleased with how the cookies turned out.

Now after writing this post, I have a craving for chocolate chip cookies. Anyone want to bake some for me? :)

Confession time: I eat raw cookie dough because I am a rebel and live dangerously.

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  1. Great photos! Except that now I really want some cookies. When will you be baking again? :-)


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