Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My favorite photograpy apps

As much as I'd love to, I can't lug around my DSLR with me all the time to take photos on the go. Instead, I use my cell phone camera, which is currently an LG Android. I've found a few apps that I love using to edit and share my mobile pics.

(all of the photos in this collage were edited with VSCO Cam and taken on my phone)

Instagram (iOS and Android)
This one's pretty much a given. While I don't really use the built-in filters anymore, it's become my favorite social media network. I enjoy how easy it is to interact with other people and discover new inspiring feeds to follow  (you can find me @EmiMarg). A tip for taking photos- I've found that using the in-app camera tends to blur easier than just using the camera on my phone, so I always take the photo before opening the IG app.

VSCO Cam (iOS and Android)
My favorite photo editing app so far. I use this for cropping, adjusting contrast, fade, and applying filters to my photos. While I've only used free filters as there are several to choose from, there are many ones you can also purchase. You can adjust the filter after you apply it and I love the black and white filters. They also have a social network of sorts called VSCO Grid, which is similar to IG in that users can post a feed of their photos. It's definitely more art-focused and not as interactive as IG (my grid can be found here), but just about all the photos I've seen are absolutely beautiful to view.

Afterlight (iOS and Android)
Back in the day before I had a smartphone and hadn't found VSCO Cam, I used this app on my iPad. Now, I primarily use VSCOcam, but I do use this one occasionally. It has great editing features and has frame option that allows you to post photos to IG without cropping the square. Any photos you see on my IG that are rectangular have been run through this app.

Do you have any favorite apps for photo editing?

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